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The merger is a major strategic development for both firms, bringing significant benefit to their clients. The Rangers FC investigators must now pay costs of injunctive and judicial review proceedings pursued by HFW on the indemnity basis.

The awards were attended by industry professionals and were hosted by Fiona Bruce. Brian Perrott said "We are delighted that Cargill's faith in its case and its legal team proved well placed". Richard, who is an experienced investment and major projects lawyer with financing, corporate and funds management skills, adds critical mass to the team in Sydney.

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The promotions are effective from 1 April , subject to regulatory approval. The move significantly extends the firm's geographical footprint across the Middle East region, now with offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, and further strengthens and diversifies the capabilities of the existing team, taking the total number of lawyers working across the region to To view a copy of the judgment click here.

The purpose of John's relocation is to support the rapidly expanding non-marine insurance and reinsurance practice particularly in the area of Financial Lines across the GCC region. Whilst John will be based in Dubai, he will continue advising the London market, providing a local presence in the region for those clients.

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Edouard was The case, ADM Rice Inc v Corcosa , is an illustration of the benefits of English law and arbitration clauses in contracts with parties, in case of default on their obligations. Admitted as Barrister and Solicitor at the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia, Haydn has worked in the Asia-Pacific region for over 20 years and is widely regarded as one of the leading commercial practitioners in Indonesia.

Simon joins the London office effective 1 July Giles, who leads HFW's Aerospace practice, has for many years represented aerospace insurers in relation to aviation catastrophes and other significant losses. He is recognised by international legal directories as a leader in his field. The firm has been selected as one of 15 firms to provide advice on WTO and regional trade agreements, and cross-border dispute resolution.

Chauncy Maples into a floating medical clinic in Malawi. Emphasis is placed throughout on the underlying science rather than on practical applications, which are well covered in other works. The cements considered fall into the category of hydraulic cements; they set and harden as a result of chemical reactions with water, and if mixed with water in appropriate proportions continue to harden even if subsequently placed in water.

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Much the most important is Portland cement. Chapters 1 to 4 deal mainly with the chemistry of Portland cement manufacture and the nature of the resulting product. Chapters 5 to 8 deal mainly with the processes that occur when this product is mixed with water and with the nature of the hardened material. Chapters 9 to 11 deal with the chemistry of other types of cement, of admixtures for concrete and of special uses for cements. Chapter 12 deals with chemical and micro- structural aspects of concrete, including ones that affect its durability or limit its service life.

The literature of cement chemistry is voluminous; the abstracting journal, Cements Research Progress, has for some years listed around new contributions annually.

The output of the seven years since the previous edition of this book appeared is reflected in the increased number of references to the literature, which is approximately compared with in that edition. Of necessity, coverage in the present book has been selective, but it is hoped that the most important contributions up to mid have been covered. The advances in some parts of the subject have been greater than in others, and this is reflected in the differences between this and the previous edition; some sections have been totally rewritten whereas others have changed relatively little.

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As one who has seen the subject develop over a period of nearly 50 years, I am highly aware of the problems that those entering the subject iii www. I have therefore tried not only to deal with recent research, but also to place the development of our knowledge in a historical perspective. I hope that the book will thereby serve both as an introduction that assumes no previous specialist knowledge of cements, and as a guide to further research.

Acknowledgements I am most grateful to Sally Smith and her colleagues at Thomas Telford Publishing for their unfailing help and patience, and to my wife, Joan, for help in preparing the reference list and in other ways.

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I am also most grateful to former colleagues at the University of Aberdeen and friends elsewhere with whom I have had productive discussions over a period of many years. Professor F. Glasser was most helpful in suggesting that this edition be published. Others in Aberdeen to whom thanks are due include, notably, Dr J. Gard, Dr L. Dent Glasser and Dr E. Either indirectly through the previous edition, or directly in relation to the present one, many others have given invaluable assistance.

Gollop, Dr S.


Kelham, Mr C. Kerton, Dr G. Long, Mr J. Lumley, Dr J. Kollek, Dr G. Moir and Mr M. Sumner, now or formerly of Blue Circle Industries pic, helped on many aspects of cement production, use and durability. My thoughts on the hydration chemistry of calcium silicates owe much to discussions with Drs P. Brown, G. Frohnsdorff and H. Those on microstructural aspects of hydra- tion similarly owe much to discussions with the late Professor P.