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Originally posted by Aaron View Post. I don't think saving really seems reasonable to make as a restriction as it doesn't directly benefit you in game. I'm sure none of these will actually catch, but you never know. Rohan Sharpe Anforth.

With the end of round bonus back it is just napsfrills. No badgers were harmed in the making of this forum. Most likely.

Would you like to play Bloons Tower Defense?

But don't quote me on that or I'll have to harm a badger. But again, I'm just spitting out ideas. Originally posted by Mathgodpi View Post. Master Knight DH. Saving gives the advantage of RNG manipulation.

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Bloons Tower Defense originated from the series in which a cuddly monkey threw darts at a balloon. It was a puzzle game which at times could be extremely hard and, well, puzzling, with puzzles having you fire darts through tight spaces, make crazy patterns, and make clutch shots bouncing off multiple blocks before popping the necessary bloon to finish the game. Bloons TD took the game to the next level by introducing the same puzzling , yet strategic, atmosphere and making it into a defense game in which different towers monkeys would pop almost seemingly endless waves of bloons.

BTD4 offers its players new weapons, such as tack planes, buccaneer ships, banana farms, and the Super upgrade, Sun God, as well as a variety of upgrades for all of the towers. Tack planes are the new aerial weapon, dropping pineapple bombs and firing multiple tacks at one time while flying in a figure-eight pattern over the designated area to help thin out the crowd. Its final upgrade is a stealth bomber that can fire up to eight tacks at one time at a very fast rate of fire making it very useful.

The magic monkey is a Mickey Mouse like wizard monkey who gains new spells when upgraded and is best placed toward the end of the tracks. He gains a spell that I found was extremely useful called Whirlwind that will blow them away from the exit which in much harder levels can save you a few extra lives and possibly make the difference in winning the level or not.

Finally the best weapon in the game, and my favorite, is the Sun God upgrade for the Super version who fires a beam of light and obliterates, at such a rapid pace, anything it sees. The Sun God, however, is not easy to get since it costs about 21, money, I recommend playing with it in sandbox mode since its about the only mode where you can easily build as many as you want and watch them popping mayhem at its finest. BTD4 also has many other new features such as a Track editor which will cost about 3, Mochi-Coins, however, it is free to play tracks made by other users.

The Sandbox mode allowing you to upgrade to any weapon you like and send out swarms of bloons as you will. Aside from all of the basic upgrades, tracks, and game modes, the creators decided to go the route of many other game developers, such as Zynga, and charges it users for premium content such as new tracks, modes, and upgrades. They then joined with Mochi Games who will charge you real money for the purchase of Mochi-Coins. Mochi-Coins, however, are not just used for BTD4, they can be used for any other games that are listed on their site allowing more versatile use with them.

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Unless you really really want to make your own tracks it might be best to play the endless number of track made by other users and save yourself a few coins. After spending about 2 days playing the game endlessly i came to the conclusion that it was probably one of the best, if not the best, Tower Defense game I have played so far. The ranking system is really fun, however, I have yet to even make it to rank 31 so I can take advantage of Apocalypse mode, and if there are any new unlocks after that, I am unaware.

I highly recommend anyone play the game. You might, however, find it difficult to kill time as it is a highly addicting game and will kill more than a few minutes so take advantage of the save feature often. I give the game a 4. If you don't know what it is, then see this. See it in action: As you can see, everything happens very smoothly and quickly. Just take a look at this to see what I mean: Aside from all of the basic upgrades, tracks, and game modes, the creators decided to go the route of many other game developers, such as Zynga, and charges it users for premium content such as new tracks, modes, and upgrades.

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