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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Three weeks earlier, Officer Pete Malloy's Martin Milner beat partner was shot and killed during an attempt to arrest an armed robber, pushing Malloy to a point where he plans to retire. On what is to be his last day on the police force, he is assigned to take rookie Officer Jim Reed Kent McCord out for his first duty tour. Reed shows tremendous potential but, like all rookies, still has much to learn. During their first watch together, they pursue a suspect vehicle, respond to a baby in distress call, encounter a lady who thinks she felt something and at the end are called out as support when a demonstration may turn violent.

After Reed has left his post to pursue suspects Malloy hears gunfire and fears the worst has happened again. Reed is unharmed and has apprehended the perps, and with encouragement from Lieutenant Moore Malloy agrees to help mold Reed and guide him through his probationary period.

Malloy lectures Reed, but soon they get along well.

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Malloy and Reed track down a burglar whose specialty is stealing color TV sets. They also encounter a drug-addicted mother who uses her children to help her in maintaining her habit. Hollingsworth Morse Phil Rawlins. Reed accidentally dents the police car while at the gas pump and worries about the consequences he could face. Reed learns about how important his job is and why detectives are called to investigate homicides when he and Malloy are called to a fatal shooting.

Officer Stenzler, Reed's best friend from the police academy is critically wounded during an armed robbery call. Malloy, who just went through the same experience weeks earlier with the officer he was training, helps him focus.

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By all accounts, Reed does a good job of putting Stenzler's condition in the back of his mind as the officers deal with a drunk driver and bicycle burglars. In the end, Malloy and Reed learn that Stenzler died of his injuries. By now, Malloy and Reed are becoming off-duty friends, and after an evening of socializing at the Reeds, Malloy's girlfriend Donna wants to take their relationship to the next level.

However, calls during the next day on the force — namely, a domestic dispute — has Malloy holding his ground that he is satisfied being a bachelor. In an episode where Reed learns to keep his wits under control, the officers deal with a loud noise complaint where an elderly woman refuses to answer, much less acknowledge, a teen-aged girl's desperate pleas for help after the woman learns she was at a house where loud party music is being played, and it leads to a tragic drowning of a 4-year-old girl in a backyard swimming pool.

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Reed goes to Malloy for advice on calculating the cost of a new baby, and in between handle a variety of calls. The most exciting call of the day is a psychopath who is shooting at others in the neighborhood. Reed is put on a low-carb diet by his wife, Jean. Meanwhile, the episode title is inspired by a resident who complains that landscapers literally stole his lawn.

As officers Reed and Malloy track down a prowler and deal with a young boy who somehow got his head stuck in a fence, Reed tries to pawn off his dog's litter of puppies to fellow members of the precinct.

A young woman got bitten by a boa constrictor The only clues Malloy and Reed have to go on is the one that the ditzy blonde blurts out: the large snake kept in the trunk of her car. Reed and Malloy have to keep their wits when stopping every car matching the description, but happening upon a garage burglary provides the biggest clue.

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Reed gets excited when he is asked to help out on his first big drug bust, but it turns out to have a disappointing ending through no fault of his own. Meanwhile, Malloy and Reed help out with a teen-aged girl who ran away from home and is staying with a single man twice her age. Community service-based episodes would be a hallmark of Adam holiday episodes throughout the series run, and the first sees Reed learn about the importance of performing charity work when he and Malloy distribute Christmas care boxes to families in need.

Bob Hastings guest stars in a husband-wife dispute that gets out of control. In an episode demonstrating the importance of "police presence," Reed also learns about how important backing up his partner is when he and Malloy respond to a silent alarm and wind up in a shootout with three armed suspects. In between trying to find a suitable headlining performer for the department party, Malloy and Reed break up a narcotics ring when they raid the apartment of a dope pusher.

Reed, chairman of the party's entertainment committee, finally finds his performer when he serves a subpoena on a country music entertainer who is a witness in a tax case. A homesick Texan is the prime suspect in a horse rustling case, and a robber makes fake calls to distract the police. For the first time in his career, Reed shoots and kills someone, a year-old sniper, in self-defense. Lieutenant Moore then tries to determine whether it was a justified shooting in this behind-the-scenes look at internal investigations into deadly-force incidents.

Malloy is the one who blows it twice, first when he gets decked by a surly bar patron and then when he and Reed leave a traffic violation stop to respond to a man-with-a-knife disturbance before the NCIC wants-and-warrants check is completed. It is only later, after Lieutenant Moore yells at them, that they learn that the traffic violator was wanted for armed robbery and the car that he was driving was stolen, leading the two officers to find a way to capture their man.

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Malloy blows it again when he tries a dangerous solution to capturing a suicide jumper at an apartment building. Earlier, Malloy and Reed are called to help an elderly woman at her insistence adjust her TV antenna. Harold Jack Bloom. Malloy is studying for his master's degree in criminal justice, but unrest at the college becomes the least of his worries when several of his students, who are planning an anti-war protest, learn the occupation of their fellow student. While investigating a drug overdose case, Malloy and Reed race against time to stop an emotionally-on-the-edge year-old drug user from killing himself, and must convince the distraught mother and overbearing father to help them save their son from making a tragic mistake.

An impressionable Reed and his "cool under pressure" partner Malloy are taken in by the "cowboy cop" antics of fellow Officer Ed Wells Gary Crosby , in what will be a recurring role , a wise guy who takes unnecessary and reckless risks to handle suspects. At the station, Malloy loses his cool while talking to Wells because Wells' tactics endanger his life and others. Wells tries to play it down until his recklessness nearly catches up with him when he is shot in the shoulder by a psychopathic sniper.

Because of Wells' disobedience and foolishness Reed is also almost shot; Malloy and Reed are forced to rescue Wells and mastermind a way to end the standoff peacefully. Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch guest stars. Reed and Malloy respond to a case of child neglect and abuse when a 6-year-old girl is home alone in her apartment caring for her baby sister, who is later found lying on blankets in the bathtub, and both parents the mother a wannabe model and the father a drifter are unable to provide for their children.

The role of the Department of Social Services takes center stage. In this lighthearted, well-written episode, a wealthy and beautiful young woman Anna Capri becomes literally obsessed with Malloy after he pulls her over for a traffic violation and is not bowled over by her charms. Features an unusual ending: the denouement is left open to the viewer's interpretation.

Malloy and Reed respond numerous times to a dispute between two neighbors who continually argue over the motorboat they jointly own Dick Sargent guest stars. Reed's shaggy dog story falls flat when he tries retelling the joke, which he first heard from Officer Ed Wells, to his fellow cops: every time Reed tries to tell the joke, one call after another comes over the radio and thwarts his chances to tell the joke. Malloy isn't thrilled about having to do community relations police work with school children as part of the LAPD's "Officer Bill" program.

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Guerdon Trueblood. Malloy and Reed spend their night watch attempting to find a criminal who is stalking female hitchhikers and dumping their bodies on Mullholland Drive. A pair of freelance reporters are determined to create a story on police brutality, and harass Reed and Malloy as their marks. The officers warn them to cease their behavior, but they don't, and end up causing a tragedy. Reed and Malloy must keep a race riot from taking place after the apprehension of a pair of armed robbers potentially sets an entire neighborhood against the police. It is here where a lesson Reed earlier was in the process of learning -- keeping his emotions under control when an arrestee begins insulting him -- will be put to the test.

Earlier, Reed busts his first sex offender, who was caught brutally raping a 5-year-old boy in a park restroom, and freely trades barbs with him; Reed later learns the boy has died, causing him to punch a locker door in frustration. Malloy and Reed are called to investigate a hit and run which soon begins to look like a homicide. Malloy, Reed, Malloy's current girlfriend a nurse and a very pregnant Jean Reed visit a ghost town on the officers' day off and have to deal with a gang of outlaw bikers. Officer Malloy asks the new girl in the office out on a date. Reed's wife goes to the hospital to have their child but Reed has a hard time keeping tabs on her over the phone while she's there.

An ex-junkie is the suspect in an assault and robbery case and Reed and Malloy are assigned the case.

Reed and Malloy are accused of overstepping the parameters of a search warrant by a suspect found to be in possession of illegal drugs. Just a typical day on patrol with calls ranging from a stoned hippie to the search for a runaway child. As they try and leave, a group of neighborhood thugs decide to interfere, making their job that much harder.

While at lunch at a local eatery, Malloy is seriously wounded by two escaped prisoners who are holding the officer and the other patrons hostage.


Malloy and Reed are in pursuit of robbers and are being furnished air support with a police helicopter. The Adam team sees the same alcoholic gentleman twice in one night, at a brawl and then later at a shooting call. An investigator for the Rampart division is suspected of defrauding residents of their money. When Malloy is invited over to Reed's house for a barbecue on their day off, they must deal with a young man David Cassidy on drugs.

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Malloy and Reed's shift this day includes calls concerning a runaway girl, a robbery at a grocery store, and a stolen aircraft. Today's calls for Malloy and Reed include the investigation of a car theft gang, the robbery of a liquor store, and a child who gets trapped in a refrigerator. Jean Yarbrough. Malloy and Reed take cases ranging from street racers to robbers to a bomb threat to an attempt to commit suicide.